Saturday, 4 July 2009

Penzance Brewing Co anniversary


Star licensee and Penzance Brewing Company brewer Pete Elvin takes pride in the six PZBC beers on the bar last night

The first anniversary of the Star Inn becoming a brewpub, with the addition of the Penzance Brewing Company, is being celebrated with six PZBC beers on the bar at once.

It's quite a range, too - definitely something for everybody. For brown beer lovers there's the popular permanent brew Crowlas Bitter (3.8% ABV), a very well balanced, slightly fruity and nutty session beer, and the new 4.4% Best Bitter, which is a bit maltier with some chocolate overtones that come from the brown malt.

Potion No 9 (4%) is the other permanent brew, a golden session ale with a citrus (grapefruit?) finish that really refreshes on a hot summer day, and there is also a re-appearance of a past special, Lodestar (4.2%) which bangs in a bit more flavour ad has matured nicely in the cellar since it was last unleashed upon the thirsty Crowlas crowd.

Now to the top of the shop, the real talking points of this event. Lamorna Gold (6.3%) would give Martson's Old Empire, a great IPA, a run for its money any day. It's also been on at the famous Bhurtphore Inn Beer Festival, at Aston near Crewe, this week, where it got a similar rapturous reception. This is a very smooth, full flavoured brew, with a bit of sweetness that then bitters out into a satisfying fruity (orange peel?) finish. Deceptively drinkable.

And then there's the 7% Scilly Stout. Clever name, clever beer. It's got a huge shopping list of ingredients (see tasting notes below), and yet they work so well together to create an excellent, smooth drinking, flavoursome stout.

If you're off to the Star I suggest you get a bus/taxi/cajole your beloved into driving.

Darren Norbury

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